Nursing/Foot care

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Licensed foot care nurses are specially trained in the provision of foot care and provide nail cutting, nursing assessments, callus treatment, information and support that assists patients in maintaining healthy feet.

Nursing / Foot Care

Irina Leneva is a Licensed Practical Nurse who offers a variety of services which include foot care assessment, corns, callouses, heel fissure care and prevention, nail cutting and filing (including thickened, discoloured or misshapen toenails), leg and foot massage and footwear education. She also offers in-home appointments for those who are unable to get to the clinic setting.


Irina Leneva - Footcare Nurse
Irina Leneva


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Some of our therapists work at both the Kindree Clinic on Cleveland Ave and at our Performance Center on 2nd Ave. If you are not seeing current availability, please look at each clinic’s schedule to find their next available appointment.