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Assisting client’s in recovering their independence in their daily activities and assisting them to take control over their health. In Occupational Therapy (OT) clients will learn many self-help methods such as pain, inflammation, sleep management, energy conservation and pacing techniques, the use of proper body mechanics, ergonomics, injury prevention, etc.

Occupational Therapist

An Occupational Therapist can also help with proper body alignment, use of assistive devices, use of mobility devices, advise on ergonomics (office, bed. car, etc), help with brain health (cognition & executive functions). Through remedial (relearning) and compensatory (new strategies), an Occupational Therapist can help you reach your maximum potential.


Florence Paradis-Laroche - Acupuncture and Occupational Therapy
Florence Paradis-Laroche


Sea to Sky Sports Physio
Some of our therapists work at both the Kindree Clinic on Cleveland Ave and at our Performance Center on 2nd Ave. If you are not seeing current availability, please look at each clinic’s schedule to find their next available appointment.